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LCM Month Concludes @ January 24th, 2015, 4:26 am

Thanks to all who took an interest. Maybe we can do this again sometime with another theme, but for now lets keep on going with the regular comics.

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LCM Month @ January 3rd, 2015, 6:04 pm

January is Legendary Crew Member Month (LCM...M) on Pilotslog so not many clever things to read but maybe something to check out.
As there are 22 of them I will post a new one every single day. Once I am finished I might touch them up with a nicer background for a Crew Member IP.

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Happy New Year @ January 1st, 2015, 5:46 am

Happy New Year. 2015 is here and I think I did in the past 2 month more for this Web-comic than in the 7 years before. Don't get me wrong I am not dissatisfied and I am really glad I got back into pardus as it takes my mind of some things that haven't been so great lately.
I know of at least a few people who really enjoyed what I had been putting out and it encouraged me since I haven't done any creative work in years (literally).
Lets see where 2015 takes us, hope you all are well and keep healthy.

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Merry Christmas Star Gathering Time @ December 23rd, 2014, 6:27 pm

I have a couple of things I want to share before the year is past, as well as Cubemas related things, plus something for Solarix and his Kai-Rang cultists but sadly hubby, the kids and I are with my family back in ye olde country and don't have a scanner at my disposal. So it will all have to wait till I am back home. Maybe 27th or 28th can't say.
Depends if the trains will work. (Europeans will know the pain)

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Happy Holidays people @ December 10th, 2014, 12:34 pm

A little early but I figure it doesn't matter one way or the other.
By the way, traffic tracking is dismal so don't be afraid to press those ratings buttons and comment. Really. It's only a small thing and it would make my day ^-^.

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Separatist Story line @ December 5th, 2014, 4:16 pm

The Separatist War event was almost the height of my RP in Pardus and I mulled over how I wanted to portray it even back in '07 as it happened but I never felt I had that certain something that binds all the threads together until quite recently somebody in the Forums had given me an idea that I am incorporating that ties everything nicely I think.

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Relaunch...not really @ November 28th, 2014, 4:54 pm

Decided to update a few things and re-do a few of the old strips, because I wasn't happy with the style anymore. And seeing as I get back into the game as it seems maybe I will update this thing as well.
Some of the oldies are gone, they where either really shit or will be redone in the new style soon. (maybe)
Anyway happy 7 year anniversary. (With the removal of the old stff that is about one page per year ^-^ so things are picking up steam....)

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After such a long time @ June 27th, 2008, 4:24 pm

I decided to make a new strip.
I hope there are still some people out there that enjoy my works and that I can keep a regular pace from now on again.
We'll have to see I guess...

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Happy New Year @ January 4th, 2008, 9:40 am

And happy new PL for everybody.
Apart from the fact I know can say bringing you quality entertainement since 2007 the new year has got me thinking. I really do have to do more things for my degree and so I apologize beforehand for every missed deadline and rescheduled release.
Well I don't know how many people read this anyway so I have no real grasp of how it would lessen anyones fun if I just skipped a few weeks when exams are due but I invoke "I warned you" beforehand.
Further, I didn't even notice that I forgot to update with a news post the past two strips but since I wouldn't have said anything special anyway there is no loss there.
Have a good year 2008, have fun and fly safe!

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Merry Christmas @ December 21st, 2007, 4:29 am

I think since this is the last strip before the hollidays I ought to wish everybody in the galaxy a good time.
Enjoy the Aperture, enjoy the end of the war and most importantly enjoy your weekly dose of Pilots Log ;)
*Yang' hurries of to buy presents*
(Hey, the family is 600 km away, I had every right to forget)

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